Blood Bank Rfrigerated centrifuges for component separation in Blood Banks.The equipment incorporates the latest technology and safety standard. The microprocessor controlled centrifuge is provided with multicolored touch screen for ease of setting required parameters and large screen display of working and set parameteres for monitoring the function. Computer interfacing facility provided compatible for RS485 

  • The centrifuge is available with 3 different capacities- 12, 8 and Blood Bags of 450ml i triple and quadruple bag systems. 
  • Provided with wind shield protected swing out rotor head, metal carriers removable P.P. INSERT FOR LOADING nd balacing the blood bags for 12 bag and 8bags models. 
  • Temreture sensor inside the chamber to set and monitor pricise chanber tempreture. 
  • Centrifuge chamber made of stailess steel and provided with drainage system for condensed moisture. 
  • Double walled sturdy lid with gas spring hinges for easy lifting and holding the lid.
  • Electrical lid switch which does not allow the centrifuges to operate when the lid is open , solenoid lock to prevent the lid from opening while the centrifuge in operation and a mechanical lock for incrased safe and positive lid locking.
  • Equipment made from sturdy steel with convenient height for ease of operation. provided with castor wheel for mobility and adjustable rubber padded leveling and locking on floor.
Salient Features : 
  • Microprocessor based control 
  • 7 Inch color touch screen TFT dISPLAY 
  • Real time date and time 
  • Computer interface connectivity throught USB Port 
  • 99 Program Memories (Expandable)
  • Brushless AC induction motor drive
  • CFC Free cooling systems
  • Fuctional/error message indication on screen.
Programmable Features: 
  • Speed control from 100RPM to 4800 RPM with 10RPM ACCURANCY 
  • speed setting by programming required RCF VALUE 
  • Temreture control in the range of -20"C to +40"C WITH 1` C inreament. 
  • Working Chamber tempreture range -5`C depending on speed of rotor head 
  • Programmable timer range 1 to 120 Minutes with 1 minutes increment and infinite mode
  • User programmable acceleration and deceleration time setting in the range to 40 to 450 seconds
  • Password protection for program setting
Other Features: 
  • Soft start safety systems for smooth restart acceleration on case of power failer 
  • At start control feature for timer to start count down when set parameters attained 
  • Display of set and working speed, time and tempreeture 
  • Continues read out of working speed / RCF value 
  • Pre colling to get the rotor head ready for centrifuges 
  • Standby cooling to maintain set chamber tempreture for safety of material 
  • Automated emergency lid lock release in case of power failer 
  • Imbalance detection and safety auto cut off machanism 
  • Hydraulic hinges for easy lift and to hold the lid 
  • Mechanical and electronic lid lock with safe lid open indication 
Technical Data:
Dimensions: Width: 860 MM x Depth; 960 MM x Height, 965 MM 
Weight: 285 K.Gs, 
Connected Load: 10kVA 
Power connection: 220/230 Volts 50 I Phase 
Choice of Rotor Head with wind shield:
Swing Out Rotor Head With Wind Shield, Carriers and removable insert for Blood Bags.


Capacity : M.L.

Max. Speed (RPM)

Max. RCF

Technical Data:Dimensions(Aprox): W-860 mm*D960mm* H-965mm. Waight(Aprox.) 285 KGs. Power Requirement: 220/230 Voltes 50 Hz For 6 Bags and 8 Bags models. Connected Load 6 KvA. Power Requirement: 415 V 50 Hz 3 Phase for 12 Bags model. Connected Load :10 KvA


12 Blood Bags Of 450ml(Quadruple Bag Systems)




8 Blood Bags Of 450 ml(Quadruple Bag Systems)




6 Blood Bags Of 450 ml(Quadruple Bag Systems)