Eltek Blood Bag Tube Sealer is made for Blood bag sealing. It is battery operated sealing unit and easy to carry. This sealer has handle with 2/3 meters coax cable and power unit with batteries. It is Designed to minimize Hemolysis and contamination through blood bag seal. 

Salient Features:

  •   Hermetic Sealing which minimize haemolysis of blood.
  •   R F Sealing Technology.
  •   No warm up time required in between seal.
  •   Special Designed sealing gun ensure easy to use.
  •   Easy separation of the tube segments after sealing.
  •   800 Quality seals from full charge.
  •   Easy to carry because of light weight.
  •   Powerful battery back-up.

Compatible with tubes of various manufactures

Model No. Sealing Time Power Size of Sealing Tube Dimension

Net Weight

S 02 1.5 Sec. 230VAC
Up to 6mm

150mm x
200mm x