Salient Features:

  • Timer up to 9999 minutes.
  • Orbital Amplitude: 40mm
  • Alarm after completion of process
  • LCD Display, Slow START & STOP functions
  • Continuous operation even in Ambient Temperature up to 40'C
  • Eltek make heavy duty motors
  • 10 preset programs
  • User defined Acceleration / Deceleration
  • Universal platform for various size flask holders (optional) 

Technical Data:



OS-2 OS-3 OS-4 OS(2T)-1

Platform Size


700x700 900x900 1280x1280 600x600x2Nos


50 to 250 RPM (Stepper or PDMC)

50 to 250 RPM (AC 3Ph.) 50 to 250 RPM (AC 3Ph.) 50 to 200 RPM (AC 3Ph.) 50 to 200 RPM (AC 3Ph.)

Flask Capacity

9 Nos of 250ml

25x1000ml or 36x500ml or 36x250ml or 47x100ml 49x1000ml or 64x500ml or 64x250ml or 100x100ml 81x1000ml or 100x500ml or 121x250ml or 190x100ml 25x1000mlx2nos or 36x500mlx2nos or 36x250mlx2nos or 47x100mlx2nos