'Eltek' Blood Bank Refrigerator is Floor Model with convenient height for easy operation. The centrifuges are with sturdy and sate steel body with corrosion resistant epoxy coating and stainless steel refrigerated centrifuging chamber. Double walled lid with easy to handle gas spring hinges and mechanical and electronic safely Locks, Centrifuge is provided with mobility and adjustable rubber padded jacks leveling and sturdy locking on the floor. Two different models are offered in this range. 

Blood bank centrifuge model MP 6000 R:
The advanced model with micro control and brush less induction motor.
The salient features and technical specifications: 
  • Micro processor control with soft touch key pad 
  • 99 Program Memory of set parameters 
  • Maintenance free brush less induction motor 
  • CFC Free Refrigeration (Cooling) System 
Programmable features: 
  • Speed control up to 4800 RPM with 10 RPM increment. Speed can also be set by programming required RCF value 
  • Temperature in the range to -20°C to +40°C with 1°C increment. Working temperature 5°C to +-25°c depending on speed. 
  • Preset timer I to 120 minutes with I minute increment and infinite mode. 
  • User programmable acceleration \ deceleration time setting in the range Of 40 to 450 seconds 
Built in features and safety systems: 
  • LCD Display Of working Speed RCP vale 
  • LCD Display of remaining time 
  • LCD Display of working temperature 
  • Pre cooling and stand by cooling facility 
  • Programmed Emergency Lid Lock release in Case Of failure 
  • Rotor in motion indicator 
  • Safety lid open indicator 
  • Imbalance indication and safety switch off for drive mechanism 
  • Hydraulic hold for lid 
  • Mechanical and electronic lid lock with indicator 
Technical Data:
Dimensions: Width: 860 MM x Depth; 960 MM x Height, 965 MM 
Weight: 285 K.Gs, 
Connected Load: 10kVA 
Power connection: 220/230 Volts 50 I Phase 
Choice of Rotor Head with wind shield:


Capacity : M.L.

Max. Speed (RPM)

Max. RCF Value

MP 6012

12 Blood Bags of 450 ml each (Triple Bag System)



MP 6006

6 Blood Bags of 450 ml each (Triple Bag system)



MP 6004

8 Blood Bags of 450 ml each (Triple Bag system)