Salient Features:
  • Power on/off switch with fuse protections
  • Smooth varible speed control
  • Direction selector (Clock Wise - Counter Clock Wise)
  • Viscosity selector (High - Low)
  • Compact sleek stainless steel housing
  • Reset Button
Functional Features:
  • Drive : Motor Less Drive, No wear and tear of moving parts or bearings. Suitable for continuous operation for longer duration.
  • Speed Control : Step less Variable speed facilitating stirring from 100 - 900 R.P.M.
  • Re-set Option :In case the magnetic follower moves off center due to external disturbance to the liquid or shifting of the vessel,the reset button can bring the follower in position and will restart the stirring at the speed set by you.
  • Direction Selection : Allows you the options of stirring clock wise or counter clockwise rotation.
  • High/Low Speed Mode : Option of High Speed Mode & Low Speed to select, depending on the viscosity of the solution being stirred.

Technical Specifications:


FS 3

Number of Stations


Stirring Volume

50 ml-3 litres

Mains Input

240v. AC (-15 to + 10%)

50 Hz. (-15 to + 5%)


1 No. 100 MA

Power consumption - Drive

6 watts

Power consumption - Heater


Speed Range (Standard)

100 - 900 R.P.M.

Speed Range (Optional)

50 - 150 R.P.M.

Speed Variation

Constant speed even if Viscosity changes or supply voltage vary within specified limits

Magnetic Stirring Paddle

9 mm dia x 35 mm long

Hot Plate Temperature

(Not Applicable)

Temperature Control

(Not Applicable)

Stirring Plate

130 mm dia.

Electrical Protection

Current Limit & Short Circuit

Housing - Base Plate


Housing - Top Plate

Stainless Steel

Hot Plate

(Not Applicable)

Dimensional Specifications:









Range in the offering : Model FS 601 Multiple Point Stirring - 6 Place of 1 litre each
Dimensions and specifications given above are approximate and not binding. We reserve the right to make improvements modifications with out notice.