Eltek Stability Test Chambers are specially designed to conduct stability and shelf life study of 
drug and Drug substance. It is extensively used for testing on electronic & mechanical 
components, Packaging industries, Agricultural Research Laboratories, Drugs and Pharma 
Special Features:- 
  • Unique forced air flow system ensures even distribution of humidity and temperature 
  • Precise control of temperature and humidity by using PID controller 
  • CFC free PUF insulation ensure temperature and humidity stability in chamber 
  • Heavy Duty Castor wheel for easy mobility 
  • IQ,OQ, PQ, DQ, Documentation 
  • Refrigeration system with CFC free Refrigerant. Compressor With time delay. 
  • Steam Injection system and low water level Alarm for safety. 
  • LED light with door switch for chamber illumination 
  • Auto tuned Temp/Humidity Controller 
  • Cabinet construction: -Interior chamber is stainless steel (SS 304 1 mm thick) 
  • The exterior Mild steel Imm duly powder coated. Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Perforated trays. 
  • In GMP Model Interior chamber (SS 304) & exterior chamber also (SS 304). 
  • Provision for drainage outlet to remove water in the chamber. 
Optional Accessories:- 
  • Eltek data storage device and 21 CFR Part Il Compliance software for data management 
  • Double walled vacuum Glass Door 
  • Temperature and Humidity scanner 4+4 with USB printer port 
  • Standby Refrigeration system 
  • Standby Humidity System 
  • Door access security system 
  • GSM Mobile Alert System 
  • Touch screen display with PLC feature.