The unit is meant for quick and thorough out mixing of liquids in test tubes, small flasks or bottles. The mixer consists of an enamel finished housing containing the motor with an eccentric drive to a rubber buffer on the top. The tube is held against the vibrating buffer and the intensity of agitation controlled by varying the position in which the tube is held. The thyristorised speed controller enables adjustment of degree of oscillations.
Technical Data:


VM 301

Connected Load

30 Watts

Dimension (WxDxH) mm



3.1 kg

The above unit operates on 220/230 V, 50 cycles  A. C. Supply.
Vortex Mixer:
V 31   Adaptor for multiple tube holder - 6x0.4 ml, 6x0.5 ml, 6x1.5 ml.
V 32   Adaptor for tubes, bottles and flasks up to 250 ml.
Dimensions and specifications given above are approximate and not binding. We reserve the right to make improvements modifications with out notice.